"Theater is a black mirror of our existence."
– Romeo Castellucci
Misanthrope Theatre was founded in May 2015 by director Ilya Moshchitsky and composer Dmitry Saratsky. Theatre company includes young artists who work in different spheres of art: actors, dancers, directors, circus artists. The main features of the theatre are the ability to play with different genres and the desire to speak about the present in the language of theatre.

Despite its young age, Misanthrope Theater formed a large audience around itself, and confidently occupied its own niche on Kyiv and Ukrainian theatre scene.

The founders of the theater are deeply convinced that art must be free and that there is no room for compromises with the audience, the state, or with themselves. But most importantly, with its approach to the creation of performances, "Misanthrope" proves that theater can be both truly current and contemporary. It can entertain, provoke, intrigue and enlighten the audience simultaneously.

The founders themselves say:

"Misanthrope Theater creates performances, tries not to do nonsense, praises intelligence, suffers from allergy to stupidity, does not see sense to match any genre, format, market, expectations, quite often reaches for a bottle, dances, perceives theater as the most alive of all arts, dies everyday, spills tears, says what it thinks, does not explain things that are unclear, it can be useful, intolerable, sharp, impatient, but! It is always, always ready for a dialogue!"

There are five shows in the repertoire of the company: "Three sisters" (2015) – a dance drama based on the play by Anton Chekhov, "Invitation to the execution" (2016) – a decadence poem based on the novel by Volodymyr Nabokov, "King Ubu. Performance about authority, played by slavery " (2017) - based on the play by Alfred Jarrey, "Blindness" – a site-specific performance played in pitch black darkness and "Oresteya " (2018) – based on plays by Euripides in co-production with Theater on Podil.

All of these performances are fundamentally different from each other stylistically, conceptually and in genres. "Misanthrope" does not cease to surprise the audience, each time breaking the pattern of their expectations!

Creative group
Ilya Moschitsky
Dmitriy Saratsky
Anna Zavalskaya
Head of Public Relations
Artem Kuruohlu
Tetiana Tesliuk
Pavel Aldoshyn
Polina Snisarenko-Kulchytska
Dmytro Otsupok
Anatol Fon-Filandra

Rob Feldman
Maria Karpenko
Katarina Shenfeld
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